What Makes Us Unique

We Want to Keep You Smiling!

You’re unique and so are we. We deliver the personalized dental care you want with a full-service dental office. Smile Unique has great dentists, a caring staff, and state-of-the-art treatments. From a toddler’s first dental visit to the restorative dental work adults may need, we’re going to make every member of your family smile. If anything is keeping you from grinning, give us a call.

Why Smile Unique?

Your special day. A job interview. Meeting the person of your dreams. The joy of a new experience.

You smile is the deepest expression of these wonderful moments in life, from an easy grin to a long, open laugh, and we believe that you deserve a lifetime of healthy smiles.

If pain or embarrassment is keeping you from letting your joy show, we’re committed to helping you take your life back.

Don’t hold your smile back any longer; let us give you the freedom to let your happiness show!

Our Commitment

Dental problems don’t go away, and they don’t get better on their own. Things might stop hurting for a while but the truth is, every day you put off care, it can only get worse.

We understand. No one wants to go to the dentist. Experience teaches us that it’s no fun. Is it any wonder that people put off critical oral care as long as possible?

That’s why we’re committed to making your Smile Unique experience something completely different. Because you can’t wait for things to get better: We want you to feel comfortable calling us for help when you need it.

The Smile Unique Experience

When we created Smile Unique, we wanted to build something special. Something unique. We wanted to provide a dental-care experience that changed the way people thought about going to the dentist.

The experiences we create for you are built around our beliefs about everything that going to the dentist should be.

  • You’re our partner  As our patient and as a person, we recognize that our best partner in your care is you! That’s why we take the time to listen to your concerns, your thoughts, and your feelings. Together we can make sure you get the care you need.
  • Convenience is key — Dental care can be complicated, which is why we strive to make it as simple and convenient for you as possible. We provide the majority of dental services on site, which means you’ll rarely have to see someone else to get the full range of dental care you may need.
  • Honest and clear communication — Sometimes dealing with medical care of any kind can entail a tangled web of financial costs, insurance coverage coordination, and billing codes. We focus on making sure you know what’s covered, what isn’t, and how we can keep your care affordable in plain language.
  • Empowering your health — Educating you is one of the most important things we get to do. We know you value your health but sometimes it’s hard to stay on track when it comes to dental care and protecting yourself. Our staff is committed to teaching you and your family what you need to know to protect a lifetime of healthy smiles.

If you want to understand what going to the dentist can really be like when you’re working with a team that’s committed to your health and your success, visit Smile Unique. We offer convenient locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert, AZ, and Katy, Houston, and Cypress, TX. We have flexible scheduling, and quick service when you’re in pain or need immediate help.

We’ll show you how the Smile Unique experience truly is dental care reimagined!

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