If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I visited Smile Unique when I first moved to the Valley because I was due for a cleaning and suspected I might have some other issues that might need addressing. The office staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the dentist gave me a great evaluation of what I might pay attention to and next steps.

“For that reason, I decided to get braces, and working with the orthodontia team is just as great. I feel like I am in good hands, Dr. Choi is friendly, treats you like you are more than just a ‘customer,’ and seems to truly enjoy what he does, as well as being very good at what he does.

“I would highly recommend the practice, and especially the one I go to regularly on 7th Ave.”

— Austin K.

“I went in for a cleaning and walked out feeling like I had a brand-new mouth. Best cleaning of my life! The doctor was super friendly and through, explaining exactly what he was doing, and looking for during the entire examination. When the exam was complete, he made a joke that I had a ‘boring mouth’ since everything looked great. I’m looking forward to going back in six months!”

— Caitlyn F.

“I went to Smile Unique for X-rays, a cleaning, and exams earlier in the year because I received a tremendous offer on the bundle in the mail. The appointment itself was quick, yet thorough and painless. I’m due for another cleaning and exam and I feel confident going back here instead of starting from scratch and looking elsewhere. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My dental hygienist was also very informative last time. Keep up the good work!

“I had a great first experience at this office. While I had to wait a bit after my appointment time to get into a chair, my experience revealed that the time and care each patient is given could easily lead to the doctor getting a little behind, which I appreciate. I went in for three crowns and had two temporaries put on during this first visit. I had asked to have all three done (because who loves to go to the dentist?), but knowing they were in three different quadrants, the doctor suggested we do two to ensure the bite would be correct and I happily agreed. The doctor and the assistants were kind, gentle, and precise in their work. While I was in the chair waiting for things like molds to set up and the Novocain to take effect, I listened to the interactions with other patients. The rapport everyone in the office has with the patients is stellar.

“I chose this office after going to the office in Scottsdale for X-rays, an exam, and a cleaning. My experience at that office was also outstanding. Every part of that initial visit was explained in detail and again, the staff was wonderful.

“In closing, do not hesitate to go to this office. You will be very pleased with your care and the staff.”

— Nate G.

“It is a great pleasure to write this review of Dr. Howard Choi’s work. My family and I came to Dr. Choi in desperation after getting multiple opinions on our then 14-year-old son’s very difficult orthodontics case. We had been told by numerous orthodontists in Colorado (including a statewide panel of experts) that the only way our son would be able to have even close to a normal bite and smile would be to have major jaw surgery. We kept hoping that there had to be a better way, but had nearly given up when we flew from Denver to Phoenix to see Dr. Choi on the recommendation of a friend. Dr. Choi carefully reviewed our son’s case, took great care to evaluate all the options, and talked to us (and to him) at length about all the issues. In the end, while he agreed that it was a very difficult case, he believed that he could accomplish the goal of an aligned smile without surgery. After numerous flights to Arizona from Colorado and now California, our now 17-year-old son has a wonderful, perfect smile! His personality is transformed, as is his mouth. We never could have imagined how great Dr. Choi would be, but we can sincerely say that we believe that he is the very best! If you are in doubt about whether to go and see him, please understand that our family considers him so excellent that we ‘commuted’ from Colorado and later from California just to have him continue our son’s care, and we would do it ALL again in a heartbeat! This recommendation could not possibly be a higher one!”

— Joe C.

“I’ll start this off by saying I’ll keep this short ... which never happens. My story starts at the ripe young age of 13, brother and I outside playing golf when all the sudden WHAM!, golf club smacks me in the face.

“Fast forward 13 years (now 26), still missing two front teeth, just landed a decent paying career job, time to make a change, but where to go? What to do? Who can help me?

“Well it just so happened that around the same time my desire to repair my teeth kicked into full gear, my wisdom teeth needed extracting, and I had heard some really great things about the office staff at Southwest Oral Surgery, and some incredible things regarding Dr. Mansfield, so I made the dang appointment. Dr. Mansfield sat me down and showed me exactly what needed to be done in order to accomplish my goals, with step one being to get my teeth aligned.

“This is where my relationship with Dr. Choi begins.

“See, in high school, I went through five years of orthodontic treatment and STILL needed more, so going back to braces wasn’t anything I was looking forward to. An old friend of mine Reed Thomas referred me to Dr. Choi back when we used to train together at Gold’s Gym, said he was incredible, went over some details, I rolled with it and gave Dr. Choi’s office a call and set up a consult. The first thing I noticed about his office is that 1, it’s incredible easy to get to, and 2, the office staff is incredibly nice. I showed up to the office, and was quickly taken back to meet Dr. Choi.

“It took Dr. Choi and I literally less than five minutes to go over what needed to be done, how long it was going to take, and what the overall cost would be. Initially we would begin with Invisalign to straighten out crooked teeth, then apply braces afterwards to straighten out roots to avoid any complications with the implant procedures.

“Fast forward 20 weeks.... Loving my experience with Dr. Choi. He’s very prompt, always on time, and greets you with a smile. I can honestly say there were times I had questions regarding certain things, and Dr. Choi would already intuitively know and have answers ready for me before I even had to ask. The treatment process was a breeze, pain was minimal, and I got to learn a lot. Dr. Choi is one smart dude and has no problem answering questions, no matter how complicated.

“I’m sad to say my orthodontic treatment is over; I really enjoyed working with the office staff and Dr. Choi.

“Dr. Choi is a pro and it shows through his work, and how his office is ran. Things get done, either early or on time. He sets accurate expectations and moves quickly, he has a master intuition when it comes to orthodontics, he knows what to look for, and how to assess patient needs. I highly recommend Dr. Choi’s office to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment.”

— Jeremy R.

“If YOU are looking for a caring, kind group of professionals that genuinely care about your well being ...YOU need to see the Choi and his staff NOW!

“With all the dishonest professionals out there, just out to make money, not caring about what’s really best for the patient, Dr. Choi certainly could have said to me (age 54) sure, lets put on those braces as my lower teeth over the years have become crooked, but he was honest with me and informed me because of my taking a RX for bone strength it would be a detriment to my teeth; in addition to my gums receding, he wanted what was best for me and my overall health of my mouth.

“I was blown away. Besides my husband who is a DDS (a honest and ethical one, I didn’t think there was anyone else like him out there), but Dr. Choi is, he explained things that I could understand and answered my questions throughly. His staff is equally as pleasant, kind, and genuinely care about the welfare of their patients.

“My son who is 21 was also seen by Dr. Choi and his fabulous staff and one of the things that so impressed me was the way he spoke to my son, not down to him but explained to him in great detail why he needed the braces and what he could expect outcome wise.

“I have been in medical sales and dealt with a numerous amount of doctors over the years and I have to say he truly is one of the most caring, kind, articulate professionals I have ever dealt with, besides of course my husband who has been a dentist for over 30 years.

“After we determined there was going to be NO ONE else we would trust and decided to move forward and have Dr. Choi do the work, we asked when the soonest we could get in was, as he was on a college break, how many orthodontists/their staff would make time in their schedule to do it over their lunch break????? With all the orthodontists out there, he does something different and you know what that is?

“He doesn’t only say he cares, but he shows it and treats you like you are family. If you want the best for your kids/family, there is NO ONE else to go to but Dr. Choi.... (On a side note ... the interior is very inviting: done in soothing colors and is so clean. And when the kids leave they even offer them ice cream bars ... how cool is that?)”

— Debi K.

“I’m 25, have been in need of orthodontic treatment since high school, and come from a poor family background. It was tough for a single mother to afford treatment, let alone all of the other stuff that kids normally require going through four years of activity while heading off to college. I have to say that as an adult, finding a place to get proper orthodontic treatment was extremely intimidating; Choi, however, was not that kind of place. The reviews here aren’t exaggerated in any way; this place really is the best. It’s a life-changing experience to finally say that I’ll have a great smile, almost surreal in a way. It seems silly to say that, but it’s genuinely one of the greatest things to happen in my life in long time. I recommend even getting a consultation: Dr. Choi is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable, and very passionate; you can tell he wants the best for you and will give you the kind of expert advice you’d expect from someone who’s been in the business for a long time. The office staff is extremely warm and inviting as well, and I firmly believe that completes the other half of the experience you’ll find here. Overall, I would recommend this place to everyone without hesitation.”

— Travis W.

“Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that I am a patient of Dr. Choi’s and have been since 8th grade (I am starting college now). He is my second orthodontist and he saved me from having jaw surgery. Before Dr. Choi became my orthodontist, I was in the middle of my treatment with my old orthodontist and I already had one year of having an expander, two years of braces, a retainer, and a year of a rubber band mask. I was fortunate that my mother was questioning my old orthodontist’s methods as he already screwed up my sister’s face by making her lose her cheekbones, over-expanded her mouth, and made her mouth protrude in an unnatural way. After we saw the results that my sister had, we went searching for a new one. After many consultations, every orthodontist, and even the State Board of Orthodontics said that I needed to have jaw surgery when I turned 21 but I would ‘look funny’ up until I hit that age (my lower jaw would be made to protrude like a Neanderthal until surgery).

“Let’s just say we were not satisfied with those answers and we kept searching for an alternative to surgery. Finally, we found Dr. Choi. Let me remind you, I had an extremely difficult mouth to work with, as it was a Class 3 Malocclusion, and adding to that difficulty was the fact that I was already past the optimal age for correct treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Choi knew exactly what to do and, over the course of four years, he fixed all the ‘damage’ that my previous orthodontist inflicted, WITHOUT having to do surgery. He made my cheekbones visible (instead of having a completely flat face), he fixed my horrifying underbite, fixed my vampiric canines, and made my mouth protrude MUCH less. Dr. Choi was the only orthodontist who had told me that he could avoid surgery and fix my mouth. He knows what he’s doing. If you ever need to trust someone with your son/daughter’s mouth (or your own mouth), trust Dr. Choi, because he is, by far, the best orthodontist and I’m not even finished yet!

“Not only is Dr. Choi an amazing orthodontist, but he’s extremely friendly and his staff is awesome. His assistants are gentle, unlike others that couldn’t care less about whether or not you’re in pain. This office is not some factory that churns kids in and out; he takes the time to talk to you and explain everything in such a way that even the most complicated things are made simple. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my treatment. This may be completely cliché, but Dr. Choi saved my mouth and he is even helping to fix the damage done to my sister’s mouth. This is the orthodontist to go to because I know that he will give you the best result.”

— Christopher C.

“I researched and held consults with multiple orthodontists in the west PHX area before I found this place. I had a great first impression and chose to stop my search and stick with them. I haven’t regretted it one bit. I have two children in their care now and each visit is always great. The front office team is personable, has a sense of humor, and doesn’t treat me like a number. I use both doctors and they always make sure my kids are comfortable and I never leave without all my questions answered first. They also provided the most reasonable rates.”

— Lisa D.

“Seriously, if you are not bringing yourself, your kids, or any family member to THIS orthodontist, then you are not at the right place! You will receive the BEST service and treatment in the world! I’ve checked out many orthodontist offices in town over the years, with three kids needing braces, and this place is by far the one that stands out over and above all the others. I bring two of my kids here and would refer these guys to anyone that needs braces! When you walk in you get a friendly welcoming from the front administrative office assistant…. She is the one with the big smile!”

— Karen S.

“I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while. This is my second time having braces, and my first doctor I feel just wanted my money. I would go into my appointment and they would tell me I’m ready to get them off and I would feel my teeth were not ready. I went to Dr. Choi and I felt he really cared about how I felt about my own teeth. He was willing to extend my time in order to satisfy my needs. I feel he really knows what he’s talking about and actually cares about his clients, as opposed to other doctors who just want your money and want to get you in and out. In addition to the incredibly professional doctor, I loved his staff. Everybody was super nice and I love how interactive they are with their clients with all the fun contests they do! Overall, I love them and I would recommend them to anybody over other doctors I’ve dealt with!”

— Miriam B.

“I was very impressed by Dr. Choi and his staff. They are very thorough in helping their patients to decide what the best type of braces and treatment plan is. Dr Choi has all the latest information on the various types of braces. I came to find out that it absolutely depends on your current condition what type is best for you, and Dr Choi is the best one to make those recommendations. I wouldn’t trust my smile with anyone else!”

— Maggie H.

“Dr. Choi and his staff have been TREMENDOUS to my kids and to us as parents! He and his staff are so knowledgeable and friendly, but most importantly, they KNOW how to talk to our kids and make them feel at ease about orthodontics. It’s ALWAYS a pleasure seeing him, and my kids LOVE going there!!”

— Vicky C.

“Dr. Choi and his team are a caring group of true professionals! I would recommend them to anyone who will listen, and even some who won’t... ;)

“As a long-time sufferer of TMJ, I consulted with many providers about definitive TMJ care. Dr. Choi and Dr. Chaffin offered a comprehensive treatment plan in collaboration with one another. At every step along the way, I felt like I was an integral part of the care team and any concerns were addressed immediately. I could not be happier with the end result and am pain-free for once in my lifetime.

“Thank you, Dr. Choi and team, for your excellent orthodontic care.”

— Deanna C.

“A few years back I was going to a previous orthodontist. My experience was horrible; when I was referred Dr. Choi, I was a little uneasy about going to another orthodontist due to my experience, but as soon as I walked in, the ladies in the front greeted me with big smiles and were very friendly. Dr. Choi and his staff, my family absolutely loves them. They feel like family. The service is excellent and what the previous orthodontist messed up, Dr. Choi is fixing.”

— Brittany B.

“I just had the most amazing experience, thanks to Howard H. Choi and his staff!! I left in tears of joy!! I won’t have to be so self-conscious anymore! Everyone was so sweet and helpful, and put me at ease. I felt really comfortable and they were great with my one-year-old daughter!! Very professional and clean. Thanks, guys!!!”

— Kami D.

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